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Az. Agricola Vigna del Principe

Francofonte (SR)

Mr. Anteo Tribastone, the owner of Vigna del Principe, learned mechanical engineering at the university. However he foresaw that there wouldn’t be a future in this field, so he returned to his family where he has worked with his father as farmer for years. Vigna del Principe was born with the idea to supply agricultural products of supreme quality with very convenient and acceptable prices for all.

He met Shumei in 2012 and decided to apply and test Natural Agriculture starting in spring of 2013 on 0.1 hectares of land with 40 orange trees, at his 3-hectares orchard. In 2015 he decided to apply the method to his whole orchard, and hasn’t used any organic manure at all since then. It’s based on the production of citrus on a lovely hill of 2.5 hectares in Francofonte, Syracuse, where a beautiful Sicilian landscape with Mt. Etna can be seen.



Forno Santa Rita

Borgo Santa Rita (CL)


There are only 12 inhabitants in this small town in the countryside of central Sicily. However, there is a small bakery that has been awarded a prize as “the bakery that produces the most delicious bread” in all of Sicily.

Mr. Maurizio Spinello, despite the situation of depopulation, decided to remain in his birthplace. He started to have bread of simple and authentic quality at one time made by his mother. He now makes the most delicious breads. Grains of old varieties and natural yeast are used. They seem to be hard and heavy but are instead light and very good for the stomach.

In the summer of 2015 he started to make pasta at his bakery, using old varieties of grain and a particular way to dry it: normally it takes 2-3 hours to dry, while his pasta takes about 30 hours at 38℃. And then, inspired by Shumei’s Natural Agriculture philosophy, he decided to start a test farm of Natural Agriculture with varieties of old grains in a plot of land near his bakery. His colleagues and him sowed them in January 2016, they plan to have the seeds and increase year by year to make breads and pasta of natural, ultimate quality as well as involving Sicilian grain farmers around them.




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