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Aceto Balsamico

Società Agricola Acetomodena

Acetomodena is one of a few Modenese vinegar farmhouses who possess their own vineyards. Mr. Dragoni of Montalbano introduced them to Natural Agriculture in 2012, encouraging them to produce their balsamic vinegar with this method. The following spring Paolo & Patrizia, owners of Acetomodena, started the challenge in one part of the vineyard.

The climate change has influenced the production of grapes in Modena more and more recently, 2014 was an especially difficult year for farmers due to the high amount of rain. Many farmers saw a decrease in production, but Paolo & Patrizia’s vineyard was very healthy and beautiful. Successively at the end of June 2015 Modena was hit by a gust of wind and a hailstorm, then a humidity and a heat that had never happened in the territory before. Their vineyard was also damaged and they were worried about mildew. However, the grapes amazingly and gradually overcame that, Paolo & Patrizia could harvest them after all. They were very impressed and were more certain of the possibilities of Natural Agriculture.

Their purpose is to realize and produce a balsamic vinegar of authentic quality with application of the philosophy of Shumei’s Natural Agriculture. This past experience encouraged them to expand the application of Natural Agriculture to more of their vineyards little by little. We are sure they’ll get far in the future with their passion.



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